April 23, 2010
Prepared 4 Life Joins Leading Youth Organizations as Member of Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance

Prepared 4 Life, a nonprofit venture of Holthouse Foundation for Kids, is the newest member of the Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance, a national initiative showing how entrepreneurship education enables students to expand their vision, take hold of opportunities, develop skills and pursue their dreams.


 “Through efforts like Lemonade Day, we’ve seen how exposure to business can change the trajectory of a child’s life,” said Michael Holthouse, founder of Prepared 4 Life. “As leaders on a national level, we’re collectively raising awareness that entrepreneurship must be taught to youth to ensure our future as a nation.”

YEA launched during National Entrepreneurship Week Feb. 20 to 27 this year. Alliance members have joined forces to show that early exposure to entrepreneurship builds self-reliance and encourages youth to set goals and become workforce-ready. With high schools dropout rates on the rise, students can benefit now more than ever from experiences revealing the link between what they learn in school and the skills required for real world success.

YEA agrees with Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke’s statement in support of entrepreneurship on January 19, 2010:

"There is simply no better vehicle for job creation than fostering entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs create approximately three million jobs a year. Over the last three decades, startups -- firms less than five years old -- have accounted for nearly ALL increased employment in the American private sector.... As America continues to work through this exceptionally trying recession, we can look back on our history and say with confidence that we will get through it – and when we do, entrepreneurs will be leading the charge."

Now is the time to spread the word about opportunities for entrepreneurship education throughout academic and career-technical education as well as community-based programs. Whether it is a short experience or a whole series of courses, YEA believes it is essential to the economic future of America.